San Antonio & Austin Texas

My wife and I had such a great visit to San Antonio & Austin a few weeks ago. The blend of histories in San Antonio and the modern slant to Austin were great contrast to each other. Southern hospitality spills over into the Lone Star State with a menu that nods to their neighbors south of their own border. The light show on the front of San Fernando Cathedral is an amazing artistic visual history of San Antonio. The Esquire was our favorite dining spot with it's dark woodsy atmosphere, brisket sandwich, and a bar that reached nearly across the state.

Austin provided a much needed urban relief to the slower pace of San Antonio. The capital city and home to the University of Texas had no shortage of food and drink options to keep us going. The main strip reminded me quite a bit of Beale street with door guys trying to sweep you with in drink specials and a smile. You can also tell Austin is the type of town if you're a musician performing, you better own it. Many legends have played these venues so the bar has already been set pretty high. I'm really looking forward to working on this series in the near future.